Deutschland_Frankreich_Karte_w-300x273The star/trac FLOW solution, a German acronym of “Fahrzeug Leitung und Optimierung im Warenverkehr” which stands for optimized transport and material flow, is the IT-brain behind automated and monitored process sequences across the entire transport process in CHEMPARK. FLOW bundles trucks and trailers, the drivers and the respective shipment orders into a logical entity “drive”, which then is managed and monitored in real-time along all sub-processes and handlings steps of multiple parties involved when handling such a drive. The moment the transport service providers equip their vehicles and vehicle components with the RFID transponders especially customised for the chemicals industry and have registered them with GATE they are able to participate in an innovative work flow:

The first GATE step involves easy advance notification of the GATE drive by the transport service provider via Internet, optionally even with the concurrent integrated booking of a time slot at the respective loading bay, which facilitates optimal time management for both the loader and the transport service provider.Upon arrival at CHEMPARK – the RFID equipped trucks and their respective shipment orders are automatically identified and directed to self-service terminals. No need to dismount here, as the touchscreen-terminals can be adjusted to the height of the truck windows. The driver then uses his personalised FLOW-Card, which is an intelligent memory card in the size of a credit card, to identify himself and is authenticated by comparing his fingerprint stored on the card and a real time biometric scan of the finger. In parallel, FLOW automatically initiates the inbuilt printer to provide all the necessary accompanying documents, that the driver then takes through his window directly from the terminal – without getting out of his vehicle.